4th Annual STEM Academy Career Fair!

On Tuesday, March 7th, 195 Juniors and over 60 representatives from 23 companies in STEM fields participated in the 4th Annual STEM Academy Career Fair. The Juniors have been preparing since they were Freshman with their soft skills training and Pathway classes to attend this fair in the Knowledge Commons. They researched the companies, were dressed for success and spent time talking to the company representatives. With resumes in hand they asked questions about what the company did, who they hired and what skills were necessary for success at that firm. Some students even had the opportunity to ask employees where they had gone to college, what they majored in and if that related to their current position. Some were surprised—and relieved to learn that career development is not always a direct path! Companies confirmed that soft skills, like shaking hands and knowing how to conduct a professional conversation are a very important component of career success.

On TuesCompanies like DSM and Depuy Synthes exhibited products in the biomedical industry, the Downingtown Police Department highlighted the newest technology in law enforcement and AGI, Sikorsky and Lockheed Martin showcased careers in aerospace engineering and computer science. Next step? Students will be having their “matching meetings” in April-May to secure their summer career explorations.



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