Students Visit Analytical Graphics, Inc.

Careers that are Out of this World!

Analytical Graphics, Inc. develops software to model,  analyze and visualize space, defense and intelligence systems. Seven juniors and seniors had the opportunity to explore AGI,  local employer of computer scientists, aerospace engineers and physics majors.   Founded in 1989, AGI employs over 260 people  with the majority located in Exton, PA–and are always looking for talent.  Students received hands on training in “STK”, AGI’s “systems tool kit” where they modeled planes and satellites in orbit.  They toured the facility and talked to the engineers in the ComspOC  area, where they are actively tracking their clients’ commercial satellites.  The day wrapped up with discussions of career paths at AGI in both computer science and engineering.  Employees did share that combining computer science skills with engineering is a benefit in the workplace. Students also had the opportunity to experience AGI’s welcoming corporate culture, eating lunch in their 24 hour dining room with AGI employees.

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