STEM Students Rock JP Morgan Chase Youth Tech Challenge 2016

Six future computer engineers participated in the Technology for Social Good at JP Morgan Chase’s Technology Center, October 7, 2016.  This five hour event provides students with a glimpse of the real world, an opportunity to be creative and a chance to come up with ideas that can make a difference for the people who need it most.  Representatives from United Way presented their design challenge, and 50 high school students competed to have the most creative solution.  Seniors Brandon Barker, Alysia DeSimone and freshman Bryn Goldman were on Team S, while Rhea Kumar, Sangeeta Iyer and Rushil Ramprasad were on team T.  Says JP Morgan Chase organizer Krystle Ramos, “ The judges had a tough choice but ultimately went with Team S because of their creative and well thought out solution. It included incentivization for donations and volunteer efforts, a forum to help build and tighten the community through use of a social platform, and an app that had a clean and fun look and feel. They also did a wonderful job presenting and answering the judges’ questions.” Governor Markell also attended this event and emphasized the importance of education for IT Technology to meet the deficit in future IT employees.

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