National Merit Commended Students

Congratulations to the STEM Academy’s 23 National Merit Scholarship Commended students.  Each year more than two-thirds (about 34,000) of the approximately 50,000 high scorers on the PSAT/NMSQT® receive Letters of Commendation in recognition of their outstanding academic promise. Commended Students are named on the basis of a nationally applied Selection Index score that may vary from year to year and is typically below the level required for participants to be named Semifinalists in their respective states. Although Commended Students do not continue in the competition for National Merit® Scholarships, some of these students do become candidates for Special Scholarships sponsored by corporations and businesses. (National Merit, 2016.)

Congratulations to
1.      Shivani Bhargava
2.      Kevin Cherry
3.      Caroline Cuetara
4.      Evan Dewey
5.      Noelle Eghbali
6.      Andrew Elliott
7.      Michael Evans
8.      Abigail Ferris
9.      Karthik Imayavaramban
10.   Jonathan Kappel
11.   Travis King
12.   Rebecca Krauss
13.   Erik Leidal
14.   Connor Mallon
15.   Breanne McDermott
16.   Gemma McNicholl
17.   Sreya Muchivolu
18.   Jeffrey Rhoads
19.   Alexia Richie
20.   Meharpreet Sethi
21.   Siddartha Tummala
22.   Alice Wu
23.   Mallika Yadwad

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