STEM Academy 2016 Career Exploration


189 students from the Class of 2017 completed their career explorations over the summer. Theses 21 hour experiences were the culmination of participation in their Pathway of interest junior year (engineering, forensics, business, IT, or media, technology and communications) and a soft skills program starting freshman year.

34 companies participated in this partnership including AGI, Brandywine Hospital, Comcast, Eisenhower Fellows, The Franklin Institute, Comcast and Fibrocell. Students at Fibrocell, a local startup involved in producing cell and gene therapies targeting specific diseases (photo above) took a tour of the facilities, learned how to feed cells, learned about quality control and how to perform a cell wash. They discussed clinical trials and various career paths.

fibrocel-picStudent Kate Strachan, reflected on her experience at Fibrocell:

“I learned that I definitely want to do a job in which I am making a difference to help people, and I could see myself in management positions in my future career. ”


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