Understanding IB Lingo

For those of you who are not students entrenched the IB Diploma Program(me) like our senior class, here is a quick breakdown of IB specific acronyms and phrases…

IB – International Baccalaureate

DP – Diploma Program(me)

WA – Written Assignment (occurs in Group 1 & 2)

IOP – Individual Oral Presentation (occurs in Group 1)

IOC – Individual Oral Commentary (occurs in Group 1)

IO – Interactive Oral (occurs in Group 2)

IA – Internal Assessment (occurs in every class in a different form)

MLI – Musical Links Investigation

EE – Extended Essay

TOK – Theory of Knowledge

Group 4 Project – Collaborative Science Project completed in Junior Year

SOE – Summary of Evidence

OPVL – Origin, Purpose, Value, Limitation

EA – External Assessment

Paper 1, Paper 2, Paper 3 – Names of EA’s that occur in every class (except TOK and Visual Arts) in May of senior year

CAS – Creativity, Action, Service

HL – Higher Level

SL – Standard Level


Group 1 – English Literature

Group 2 – Language Acquisition (Spanish, French, German)

Group 3 – Individuals and Societies – History

Group 4 – Sciences – Biology, Chemistry, Physics

Group 5 – Mathematics

Group 6 – The Arts & Electives – Music, Visual Arts, Business, Design Technology, Economics, Psychology


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