CAS Changes for the Class of 2017

Here at the Academy, our students as part of the requirements for the IB Diploma all work on completing CAS. Seniors this week at the Academy took part in a presentation concerning the recent changes enacted by the International Baccalaureate Programme. The IB had recently conducted a study of the CAS aspect of the Diploma Programme, which stands for Creativity, Activity and Service.

Prior to the new changes students were asked to complete 50 hours of work outside of school in each of the three CAS strands. However, through their study the IB concluded that the purpose of CAS was being lost in the sheer volume of what students had been asked to accomplish.

The result? The new CAS Programme focuses more now on the student and their experiential learning that is happening outside of their IB classes. The focus is now on the student and where they can grow as an individual. Students accomplish this by reflecting on what they have done outside of class and seeing how an experience worked out for them and what they learned as a result.

Students are still required to explore their Creativity, how Active they are and how they can engage their community through Service that benefits the community and the student.

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