Academy Students Sweep Contest!

Recently, the Chester County Health Department as part of National Public Health Week challenged students across the county to envision what America would look like if we became the healthiest nation in one generation.

Students were asked to submit art work based on that concept, and three STEM Academy students were awarded for the efforts.


Pictured above is 1st Place Winner: “Nature’s Course” by Alex McCurdy, Downingtown STEM Academy

One way to improve a healthy environment and individual health is to avoid driving and walk or bike instead. Also, drinking water is an easy way to improve overall health and, by adding fruit, can help to detox the body. Mental health is also an important factor and yoga is a great exercise for reducing stress, or simply surrounding yourself in a natural environment can be beneficial by appreciating what we should strive to take care of. Often technology is abused in our nation, so it is important to be aware of how it is used in order to improve our community, even if that means taking a break from it for a while and enjoying some fresh air.


Pictured above is 2nd Place Winner: “A Healthy Lifestyle” by Amy Clark, Downingtown STEM Academy

The piece of artwork was created to represent the two most basic components that contribute to maintaining a healthy lifestyle: fitness and eating well. Fitness is represented by a jogger, and the foods surrounding it are examples of items in a nutritious diet. In order for a nation to become truly healthy, the generation must remember these two basic factors.

Above is 3rd Place Winner: “A Healthy America” by Srirashmi Gudur, Downingtown STEM Academy

The drawing portrays a bunch of boys and girls who are happy because of their healthy food choices. I believe that if children of America in this generation started to make healthier food choices, America would definitely be the healthiest nation in one generation.

Congratulations to all who competed!

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