IB Exams 2016 Information

Class of 2016 IB Exam Information

On May 2nd, IB Exams will begin for Seniors.  Here’s some helpful information, please read it carefully…

Arrival:  Please be in your seats 15 minutes before the exam time listed below.  For morning exams, report directly to the gym area.  Instructions will begin promptly at the start time listed.  Once instructions begin and the official time starts, no one will be allowed to enter the testing room.  In short, don’t be late!

Climate and Seating:  The temperature in the gym is unpredictable.  Please plan accordingly and bring a sweatshirt if you are prone to be cold.  Students will have assigned seats for each exam.  The seating chart will be texted to students before each exam.  

Supplies:  We will make sure that you have everything you need to complete the exams – pens, pencils, rulers, data booklets, formula sheets, case studies, and listening devices for the Music exam.  Students are permitted to bring their own blue or black pen or highlighter.  Students are not permitted to bring any dictionaries, reference books, or reading materials into the testing area.  NO FOOD OR DRINK IS PERMITTED IN THE ROOM!

Calculators:  Students are expected to bring their own calculators.  Calculator memories will be cleared before entering the testing room.  Questions about calculators should be asked before the exam.

Backpacks and Phones:  Backpacks and Phones (and all other devices) are not permitted in the testing room.  If a student is caught with a phone/device during the exam, they will be removed from the exam and their scores will be canceled.

Departure:  You are required to stay for the entire exam time.  If you finish early, you must stay until everyone is done.  Students with extended time must stay for the official exam time but are not required to sit during the additional time.  Some afternoon exams end after the school day.  Students are expected to arrange rides home.

Non-Exam Time:  Students are expected to be in class when no taking a scheduled exam.

Small Group Testing:  Students pre-approved with small group testing and extended time will take their exams in Room 123 (next to gym).  Their ending times will be different than the times listed below depending on the amount of time added.

Emergencies:  If an emergency occurs and a student is not able to make the exam on time or will miss the exam entirely, the main office must be notified immediately.  Make up exams must be granted by the IB Assessment Office in Cardiff and only occur in November.


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