Downingtown Robotics Team Wins!

This past weekend the First Robotics Competition was hosted by the Downingtown Robotics team (Team 1640) and the Westtown Team (Team 1391).

The Westtown tournament that was co-hosted by  these teams 1391 (based at the Westtown School) and 1640 and was a huge success. This was the first time the two teams had worked together to host a robotics tournament. According to Clem McKown, the Volunteer Coordinator for the event: “The Westtown School provides a wonderful venue for a robotics competition, while neighboring team 1640 has a much larger volunteer base of students, mentors and parents as well as experience in hosting competitions. It was natural for us to team up to host a tournament. Together, we put on a great event. Many of the volunteers have already indicated that they will volunteer again next year.”

Team 1640 was seeded  3rd out of 37 teams competing, and the formed an alliance with another Robotics team, which resulted in the team winning the tournament!

Team 1640 is based out of the CCIU and has students from every Downingtown High school participating, congratulations to them and good luck as they move on to the Mid Atlantic Regional competition next weekend!


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