Academy Students wins big at DVSF

The Academy would like to congratulate two of our students Zachary Kirk and Rachana Mudipalli for their spectacular performance at the Delaware Valley Science Fair. Together these two students won a combined $150,000.00 in scholarship money and 8 awards!

Both students will also be presenting their findings at the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia later this spring. However, Rachana will be traveling to Phoenix in May to compete at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, a personal goal of hers that she set out to achieve as a founding member of our science fair club three years ago.

Rachana has been researching anti microbial resistance since she was in the 8th grade, her recent work for the science fair was targeting anti parasitic organism similar to malaria. In her research she discovered that 10% of the world’s population will contract malaria in their lifetime, and with current drugs losing their efficacy her research is part of the next generation of solutions to combat malaria.

Zach’s research focused on the likelihood of the colonization of Mars given current and developing technologies. Zach took a four-pronged approach and evaluated the situation from a economic, technological, sociological and agricultural perspectives. For his work he also received a certificate from NASA recognizing the value of his research.

Additionally, the Academy is proud of one of our Freshman students, Megan Hermann. Megan has been competing in Science Fairs since she was in the fourth grade, and as a Freshman this year won first place in the category of Behavioral and Social Sciences. She conducted a study on gender bias that involved over 700 volunteers! She found that younger people can more accurately identify a person’s gender based on a brief biography than adults, who in some cases were wrong 96% of the time! Furthermore she received two awards of special recognition for her study, as well.

Congratulations to  our STEM Academy Students on their successes and all other students who competed!

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