Rorke-Adams Science Fair

On March 7th, three STEM Academy students competed in the Rorke-Adams Science Fair run by the Chester County Intermediate Unit. All three students placed high enough to move on to the Delaware Valley Science Fair on March 30th. Awards were presented this past Thursday. Congratulations to the following:

Megan Hermann’s project, “Right Person for the Job? A Study of Gender Stereotypes” won 1st Place in Behavior and Social Sciences – 9th Grade, Best of Show – 9th Grade, and The Richard and Patti Smith Behavioral and Social Sciences Award.

Rachana Mudipalli’s project, “The Identification of ATPase Activity Regulation in Tetrahymena thermophila: A Step Towards Understanding the Function of the Malarial ATP Synthase” won 1st Place in Microbiology – 11th Grade and Best of Show – 11th Grade

Zachary Kirk’s project, “Mars Colonization Probability: An Exploration of Planetary and Human Requirements” won 2nd Place Earth and Space Science – 11th Grade

It was a blast!

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