Classroom Imperialism

9th Grade Students in Dr. Staub’s and Mr. Elder’s International Studies classes got a chance to experience the resource grab that is imperialism first hand. The teachers divided their classes into 4 groups and assigned each group a different color of sticky note. Groups had to design a symbol; and develop a list of the resources available in the classroom that they would attempt to claim during the imperialism simulation.

Groups then simultaneously sent two representatives to claim the resources that had agreed upon in their groups, however, if another group beat them to the resource they could not claim it for their group! Students then evaluated what they had wanted versus the resources that they had managed to claim. Interesting circumstances developed as students realized that the door they claimed needed the handle claimed by another group.

The simulation shows how competing desires for resources led to conflict in the age of Imperialism, and how countries would struggle to compete and retain the resources they had aquired.

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