This Is For The Seniors And The Staff

Today we end the 2015 IB Exam Sessions with Music and German.  It’s difficult to see the forest for the trees sometimes, so let’s put the last two years of the IB Diploma Program into perspective for the Class of 2015…

  • Together, over 510,000 original words were written in your Extended Essays.
  • Together, over 33,000 CAS hours were completed.
  • Together, over 2,000 exams were completed between May 4th and May 22nd.
  • Together, over 2,600 IA’s, EA’s, WA’s, IO’s, etc. were completed before May.
  • Together, over 4,600 hours were spent in the Arctic Tundra (the gymnasium) during the month of May.
  • Over 20 countries on 6 continents will read our work.

Now, to look at it from a different angle…

  • Over 80 yards of string tags were used in the month of May.
  • If we took all your May exams and cover sheets and laid them flat on the ground, we could cover the entire football field.
  • I’ve (Mr. Sheehan) walked almost 70 miles in the gym while watching you take your exams.
  • If one person tried to complete the total testing hours for the entire class, they wouldn’t be able to finish it in one school year.
  • You submitted more assessments to the IBO than the average IB World School submits in three years!
  • I’ve (Sheehan) gone to Fed Ex in Exton so many times this month that I’m now on a first name basis with them.

Apart from all of this, you still managed to be varsity athletes, earn almost 50,000 views of a lip dub video, raise thousands of dollars for cancer research, and still keep going!  Your hard work and perseverance is appreciated.

Seniors, thank your teachers when you see them.  Without them, you wouldn’t have been able to accomplish this ridiculous task!

June 3rd is almost here!!!  Congratulations!


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