2nd Annual IB Pep Rally!

On Friday May 1st 2015, the STEM Academy had its second annual IB Pep Rally for Seniors. The event is preceded by the senior students attending the Pre IB Testing Session, where the senior class meets with our IB Coordinator to review the rules and procedures for the upcoming IB exams starting on May 4th.

The Pep Rally was once again made possible by our amazing Home and School Association who put on a Family Feud game show for the seniors. This year students were surprised to discover that the event had not one, but TWO themes! Round one featured students participating in a Star Wars themed round complete with teams wearing Princess Leia head phones or Support our Troops storm trooper shirts! Dean of Student life, Mr. Ruff, hosted the event dressed as Darth Vader!

Following a brief intermission, students were surprised to have them second theme of the event revealed to be the Avengers, and a new host Thor!! (Mr. Ruff in full Asgardian Regalia!)while students wore masks as either Team Super Hero, or Team Super Villain, and answered questions based on the popular Avengers movies. The winning team received free movie passes from our very own Iron Man!

A huge thank you to our HSA members for pulling the event together as well as our volunteer Junior ushers and the pep rally signs made by our Freshman during Advisory. Good luck to all of our Seniors as they prepare for the IB exams!

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