STEM Academy Student Makes a Difference!

You may remember our CAS Spotlight: on Livvy Evans, from a few months back, Livvy is still doing her best to make a difference in the world through her volunteer efforts. Over an extended Spring break Livvy had the chance to return to the Dominican Republic and to continue her work focusing on bringing clean drinkable water to communities who otherwise would not have access. I recently sat down with Livvy and she shared with me how this all got started, and what she hopes to do next!

Last summer STEM Academy student Olivia “Livvy” Evans went on a service trip that changed her life. She traveled to the Global Leadership Adventures to the Dominican Republic There she learned about the need for a sustainable world and how she could make a difference. At that event she met members of 7 Elements staff who hosted and organized the trip, that meeting sparked a fire that has led Livvy to where she is today.

Upon her return to the Academy Livvy reached out to her Spanish teacher Srta. Pelligrino to share the amazing experience and all she had learned about making the world more sustainable. Working with Srta. Pelligrino Livvy has worked to educate the STEM Academy community about conditions faced by many people around the world.

To date Livvy has spent 31 days in the Dominican Republic working to help bring water filtration systems to communities who would not have clean water without the work she and her friends at 7 Elements have accomplished. Her work with 7 Elements has shown her the difference one person can make. This past fall Livvy worked with Student Council here at the Academy and raised the necessary monies to help bring 50 water filters in total so far and she is not done yet! Livvy plans to return this summer to continue the work she started. To date her efforts have helped bring drinkable water to over 1000 people!

Livvy continues to be an example for students not just at the Academy but everywhere of the difference one person can make. She is a great representation of the IB learner profile.

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