Second Annual Holocaust Symposium at the Academy

On Tuesday April 14th, STEM Academy Juniors had the opportunity to see one of two presentations from speakers at the Holocaust Symposium. The event in its second year at the Academy has been a recurring event at both East and West high schools for the past ten years. The Academies event is different in that Junior students attend one of two speakers and have a chance to hear their stories of how they survived the Holocaust.

This year the Academy again welcomed speakers from the Holocaust Awareness Museum and Education Center in Philadelphia. This year the speakers were Rita Ross whose family survived in hiding and eventually became prisoners of war held by Germany and Alex Redner who escaped Nazi soldiers by hiding with his family in Lvov Poland before being relocated to the Lvov Ghetto.

Students had a chance to listen to each of these similar yet very different stories as well as a question and answer session with each presenter. Both students and the presenters had an amazing session and students were able to hear first hand the horrors of the Holocaust. A special thank you to the Holocaust Awareness Museum for helping us get speakers for this event

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