STEM Orchestra goes to Carnegie!


On Sunday March 1st the Downingtown STEM Academy String Orchestra performed at the world famous Carnegie Hall. The student performers on this trip have been preparing the music for several months before.

The 50 students involved in the performance were the first act to perform on sunday night. Playing a wide variety of music, from the climactic Adagio for Strings by Samuel Barber, to the fast upbeat Dance of The Tumblers from the Opera Snow Maiden by Rimsky Korsakov.


In addition to playing at the concert hall, the orchestra went to see Wicked and had the oppurtunity to interview the pit orchestra director and the pit musicians.

As one student performer puts it “I thought it was a very fascinating experience, as we were able to play on a world-famous stage that I had only seen in pictures and movies. It was a truly wonderful experience to play in such a prestigious hall, and representing the STEM Academy’s orchestra.”

Another said “It was very surreal- until the moment we actually stepped foot into the hall, Carnegie had only been a name that I’d been hearing increasingly in the past month. When we actually played, it was absolutely exhilarating. I’m still in awe from that once-in-a-lifetime experience.”

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