A Massive Success!

On Friday February 20th the Academy held its second annual Cam-a-Thon. The event pays tribute to Cameron Evans who would have been a STEM student had he not succumbed to his battle with cancer. The event is a celebration of Cameron’s life and helps to raise not only money but also awareness of childhood cancer.


(Pictured above students take time out of enjoying themselves to reflect on the life of Cameron Evans)

This year nearly 400 students pledged to take part in the 12 hour overnight Cam-a-thon and raised over $30,000! The event featured opening ceremonies with speakers and dancers before kicking off into the night full of dancing, karaoke, human hamster wheeling, lazer tagging blanket making  to name a few of the activities that took place.

IMG_0409 IMG_0401 IMG_0426

Helping to make the event even more memorable was the fact the students from both East and West were invited and participated, helping the event to grow so much in one year.

Take a look at the slideshow below to see only a few of the highlights of the evening!

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