Course Selection during Advisory/Seminar 2/5/15

On Thursday, February 5th, we’ll hold a set of assemblies and breakout sessions for students to learn more about their course possibilities for next year.  Please see below for information for your class…

The Class of 2015 (current seniors) -Work time in the Student Commons as usual.  We ask that you stay in the Student Commons as the faculty will be participating in the course selection process.

The Class of 2016 (current juniors) – F Day CAS group will still report to the Knowledge Commons for CAS, the remaining juniors will report to the Student Commons for work time

The Class of 2017 (current sophomores) – Sophomores will report to the Auditorium at the start of Advisory, students will then have an opportunity to ask questions about specific courses:

 Class of 2017  Breakout Sessions

Rm 123 (Cardio) – CAS and Extended Essay

Rm 201 – Literature SL/HL

Rm 202 – Visual Arts SL/HL

Rm 204 – History SL/HL, TOK

Rm 205 – Mathematics SL/HL

Rm 206 – Psychology SL/HL; Economics SL/HL; ITGS SL/HL

Rm 207 – Spanish SL/HL

Rm 208 – German SL/HL

Rm 209 – French SL/HL

Rm 210 – Business Management SL/HL; Computer Science SL/HL, Corporate Innovations and ISS Pathways

Rm 212 – Physics SL/HL; Forensics Pathway

Rm 215 – Music HL/SL; Chorus

Rm 219 – Biology SL/HL; Environmental SL/HL; Biological and Health Pathways

Rm 221 – Chemistry SL/HL

Rm 222 – Design Technology SL/HL; Design Engineering Pathway, Robotics Pathways

Class of 2018 (current freshmen) – Freshmen will go to Advisory as normal.  Freshmen will then report to the Auditorium at the start of Seminar for an assembly.

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