STEM Welcomes the Class of 2019!

On Thursday January 29th 2015 the Downingtown STEM Academy officially welcomed its next class of incoming Freshman.  The students and their parents were greeted by members of the STEM faculty and our own mascot Alpha the Wolf.


Once everyone was settled into the Auditorium Headmaster Campbell, Dean Sheehan and member of the STEM counseling department Mrs. Glowick gave the students and their families a brief overview of what to expect when the start at STEM next fall.


Following the presentation, students and their families were allowed to wander into various classrooms staffed by members of the STEM teaching staff as well as current STEM students to answer any questions or concerns they wanted to address.

image1   IMG_0220

The evening wrapped up cake and refreshments in the StuCo. Students will be visited in their Middle Schools next week by the Counseling Department to help with their schedules for next year. Thanks to all who attended. See you in September!

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