Marsh Creek 6GC Needs Your Help!!!

Marsh Creek 6GC needs your help. Our signature project, “Art and Identity,” has been accepted as a contestant for the Follett Challenge, which seeks to empower innovative programs in education.

The winning program will entitle the sponsoring school to a $30,000 prize to be used for 21st Century learning.

Part of the winning formula is collecting on-line votes. Please help us by following the steps (two minutes of your time) below to choose Marsh Creek’s “Art and Identity” project as the winning entry:

1. Click on the following link and watch the video for the Marsh Creek “Art and Identity” signature project (not even necessary to watch the video; it is pretty cool, though):

2. Click to vote by email or Facebook;
3. If you choose email, you will have to confirm your email address for your vote to count;
4. If your voting by Facebook from a shared computer, you’ll have to login for each user account;
5. Come back the next day and vote again!

Thanks for taking your time to help us and recognize our students – hope you liked the video.

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