CAS Spotlight: Dan Foltz ’15

     Daniel Foltz, Class of 2015, organized a series of 2 ½ hour self-defense classes to teach youth and young adults about ways to defend themselves against the threats of violence, abduction and assault of a deadly weapon. While the classes were free, the attendees were askedto bring a gift card to benefit the Domestic Violence Center of Chester County (DVCCC).  Daniel and his Sensei, Ehren Murphy, delivered a check in the amount of $635 to Terry Moody, Director of Development and Communications for the DVCCC, who said she was “blown away by the donation.

     It is so rewarding to see our community coming together to support us.”
Mr. Troy Podell (STEM Academy teacher), who participated in the training, said it “was a really fantastic idea all around!  [I am] hugely proud of Dan for his hard work.  My wife and I are honored to have been a part of it.”
      The concept for this project grew out of Dan’s commitment to helping others defend themselves. “This issue is one that is very important to me because I know many people who are affected by this type of violence. I [planned this project] to help teach many of the victims of domestic violence ways to stand up for themselves and their families.”
     In Dan’s own words, “I had to plan out these classes based on my knowledge of martial arts as well as the capability and performance of the class, always keeping in mind that there might be some people who may be affected by these situations and may become emotionally upset if I say the wrong word. But all in all, having taught martial arts classes before, I had to almost re-learn how to teach a self-defense class to people who have very little to no martial arts
experience. I am very happy with the way that my classes turned out.” The DVCCC greatly appreciated the $635 donation.  The STEM Academy is also
very proud to have students such as Daniel Foltz, who serve the community in such important ways. Job well done!

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