The Design Process in Intro to Engineering

Today in Intro to Engineering with Mrs. Grant, freshmen spent time understanding the role of accuracy in measurements in the design process.  Students were led through a discussion on the role of rulers and calipers and the limitations that they each have.  Given one Lego piece, students were charged with the task of measuring all dimensions of the piece to the nearest 1/16th of an inch.  To aid the understanding of how to read a dial caliper, Mrs. Grant used an online simulation through  Instead of being a traditional stand-and-deliver style of teaching, Mrs. Grant approached this lesson through inquiry.  Asking multiple “how” questions, the class formed their own understanding of the role of accuracy in measurement rather than being simply told the role.

The end goal of this lesson (as part of a larger unit) is produce a lego piece using Solidworks and the Makerbot printer to produce a lego piece that interacts with Lego brand pieces.

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