STEM Alumni Spotlight: Kara Perilli ’14

Kara Perilli (IB Class of 2014) just finished an amazing adventure in Uganda. I asked her to share her experiences with all of you…
“I spent 3 months, from August until November volunteering and living at Excel Orphanage and Child Care Centre School in Uganda. It is located in the villiage of Kyenda, which is about 30 minutes outside of the larger town Mubende. I taught a kindergarten class of 30 children alongside another local teacher. In addition to teaching I helped out with other manual labor tasks such as collecting firewood which we used for cooking (which could be a 3 hour long adventure) and fetching water for cooking and washing. I also helped in smaller ways by bandaging the injuries of the 25 children that lived at the orphanage, removing jiggers, and helping to mend some of their clothes. Despite the lack of running water, electricity, and other “luxuries,” the children delighted in the smallest things.

Emmanuel (Emma) Batega started the orphanage 7-8 years ago when he was only a little over 20 years old. After being an orphan himself he wanted to help others who were in the same situation. Even though he didn’t have much money, he opened up his home (at that time only a mud hut) to orphans, and has continued trying to support them despite many struggles. The situation for them is still very difficult: Emma often has barely enough money to pay for the maize flour and beans for food, and the water they collect is very dirty and often causes the children to become sick.

Since I have returned home I have been working on fundraising and creating a child sponsorship program for the orphanage so that they can offer these 25 children, and hopefully even more children, better care. I created a quick website at which provides more information about the orphanage and allows donations and sponsorships through paypal.”

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