Attention STEM students! The Downingtown STEM Academy will hold it’s second annual Cam-A-Thon on February 20th, 2015 at 7pm to February 21st at 7am, in memory of Cameron Evans. Cameron would have been a junior this year at STEM but in May of 2012 he passed away from his seven month long race with leukemia.

Throughout Cameron’s journey his goal was to inspire those around him to be in touch with their creativity and find some sort of inspiration in their everyday lives. One of the ways he planned to do this was by starting, a website where he posted words of inspirations as well as documented his race with cancer. His posts demonstrate his bravery, strength, and ability to maintain a positive outlook on life even when faced with such challenging circumstances. Cameron may have only been 13 at the time of his diagnosis but his words show that he was well beyond his age in every way possible. He may have lost his battle, but cancer is the #1 disease killer in children and 12,400 other children, just like Cameron, are diagnosed each year and need YOUR help.

The whole purpose of Cam-A-Thon is to raise funds for Cure4Cam, the foundation the Evans family has formed in memory of Cameron. Cure4Cam’s mission is to raise awareness and funds for the development of new, humane treatment therapies for pediatric cancer. For more information about Cure4Cam visit The standard therapies that currently exist are highly toxic, have highly damaging side effects, and can potentially cause permanent health issues. New therapies that target the individual’s specific cancer cells are in reach but need funding in order to be created!


A few inspiring words from Cameron’s inspirational website:

“As we run through life, we step into many moments, both good and bad, but as long as we don’t change our shoes too much, there is nothing we can’t handle. Currently, I am stepping in mud, and when I get out of the mud, it will leave a trace on everything else I step on. This can be a good thing as long as I am positive in the mud, so that the trail I later leave is a good one. The mud may stain my shoe, but it will not change the brand or the foot inside, only build up its character.” – Cameron Evans 11/24/12

“”Every problem is just another runner to pass in this race. The only way to win is to keep thinking,’I’ll be in first soon!’.”  -Cameron Evans

I learned quickly in running that being physically sore during a race is not going to make your opponents slow down for you to catch up. Currently, my health is not allowing me to perform as much physical activity as I would like. I will regain my strength quickly, but my endurance will take a while to recover. It will take time, but I’m not only planning on finishing this race, I’m gonna win.” – Cameron Evans 12/23/12

“The Past Week has been a tough hill to run through. My legs hurt, I feel weak, I am tired, but the hill doesn’t stop, so neither will I.” – Cameron Evans 3/15/12

“The past several weeks have been a lot to for me to endure through. My dying disease came back very strong and I required weeks of intensive care. Now, I am working on walking again and regaining my strength. I’m working everyday to regain my endurance in this race.” – Cameron Evans 4/30/12