Tech Tips: Live Streaming on YouTube

Have something you want to share with more than just the people that can fit in the room?  Have a computer with a webcam and microphone?  Create a Youtube account with your Google+ account and you’re ready to go.

Click here to read directions on how to set up a stream.

For a great example of this, tune into DASDSTEMTV morning announcements…

Some things to think about before you dive right in…

1.  Remember that what you are putting out there is live.  Plan out what you intend to do and be smart about your actions.

2.  Give credit when credit is due.  Don’t pass others work off as your own and be mindful of copyright laws.

3.  Consider delaying the broadcast.  You are able to set the broadcast so there is a slight delay between what’s live and what’s broadcasted, so if you make a mistake you can correct it before others see it.

4.  Start off with something simple.  Try it privately with a friend first.

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