The moment you have all been waiting for has finally arrived! After two months of planning and a whole lot of creativity, the Lip Dub 2014 is here. Enjoy and please share with your friends and family.  This amazing project is due to the efforts of Nancy Peng, Shannon McWilliams, Francesca Coyne, Maham Quraishi, and Vivian Ferris.  Great job ladies!

Update: As of 8am on Monday the 17th, we have over 30,000 views of our video.
Update: As of 2pm on Friday the 14th, we have over 18,000 views of our video. Awesome!

And don’t forget the commercials…

We made the 4PM News on 6ABC, Say What?!

28 thoughts on “SHAKE IT OFF – STEM STYLE

    • I will no longer believe ANY of you when you say you have too much work to do!!! But this was awesome!


  1. We saw Danielle Miller! What a great expression of
    Frank & Pat Subasic, dba Grandpa & Grandma


  2. Absolutely SUPERB!!!! I and my wife have been a writer/director and producer team for over 30 years with lots of awards under our belts for commercials, corporate videos, etc.and we were blown away by the execution. Very impressive!!!


  3. Seeing things like this come out of D-Town really makes me smile as an Alum. I was always one of the ones with crazy ideas like these…. nice to see that the tradition is being carried on!!!!


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