HSA Information

The Home and School are still in need of Parent donations for the current school year.  The $25 donation covers but is not limited to

  • back to school festivities
  • The third annual Pi day (3/14)-already a spring tradition
  • Pancake breakfast for Juniors on “Group IV” Day
  • High energy event to get students pumped up for the start of IB exams
  • Multiple treats for the faculty, from the monthly “First Fridays” to the annual appreciation luncheon
  • Donation to Post Prom

Donations can be made payable to STEM Academy HSA and sent to

Brett Small, HSA Treasurer

STEM Academy, 335 Manor Ave, Downingtown, PA 19335

Next HSA Meeting Monday January 12, 1015

Climate and Culture happenings:

Next event:

The next school-wide event planned for STEM students will the “SNOW fest 2014” Decemver 23rd.  This will be a winter themed festival that will feature snow packed activities of all kinds two days before winter break.

Last event:

“Halloween event for students on October 31st .The students were able to go to Dr. Frankenstem’s lab to meet the new STEM Student Frank.  The day of the event the students were able to visit the lab where there were 10 types of body parts for the students to have fun identifying (all fun safe items of course).  There was a Halloween treat provided on the way out J and over 500 students came through the event!”  

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