CAS Spotlight: Livvy Evans ’15

In the summer of 2014, Livvy Evans traveled to the Dominican Republic through the Global Leadership Adventures “Building a Sustainable World” program. For 21 days, Livvy immersed in a new culture and worked on environmental and public health projects that include reforestation, installing an aquaponics system, distributing water filters, and building two schools/clinics out of recycled plastic bottles. This experience has allowed her to serve others while also learning about a new culture.  Great work, Livvy!

Livvy’s Reflections on the experience (in her words):

Livvy’s Reflection on the “Engagement in Global Importance” of her experience:  “During my time in the DR, we learned about the concept of human security, which involves 7 elements: politics, food, health, environment, individual security, community security, and economics. We learned about these 7 elements of human security in relation to the Dominican Republic through lectures and experiential learning, the United States through lessons and documentaries, and the world through a project in which we outlined the seven elements of human security in a foreign country or region. My group’s project topic was Nigeria in relation to the terrorist organization Boko Haram.”

Livvy’s Reflection on the “Awareness” of her experience:   “While in the Dominican, I realized that I have a passion for human security and bettering the lives of others, and that I have a strength in caring about others. This realization will allow me to use my strengths in the future to build my career in environment, global public health, and global sustainability.”

Livvy’s Reflection on the “Ethical Implications” of her experience:  “During our interventions, we had to be incredibly careful about how our projects were affecting the community in both a positive and negative sense. For example, we had to consider whether distributing water filters to a community without charge would cause dependency. However, after realizing that the community in question was in dire need, we decided to give the filters out. In relation to ethics, we learned about the importance of an NGO having an “exit strategy” and minimizing its negative impacts while maximizing its positive ones.”

Here are some pictures from her experience.  The final photo (and the header photo) is a collage created by Livvy for IB Visual Arts.Livvy Evans 1

Livvy Evans 5 Livvy Evans 4 Livvy Evans 3 Livvy Evans 2

IMG_4453 IMG_4454

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