STEM Honors: Two of a kind!

At a place like the STEM Academy there is always someone making news and headlines,  receiving awards or just plain being amazing.  We at the Howler would like to take time out to recognize the people in the building who help make this place such an amazing school. Starting in November we will be featuring STEM Staff and Teachers who help make STEM, STEM.

With that in mind please join us in celebrating…….

TEAM Biology!

Mr. Podlesney and Mrs. Schray


Every student in the State of Pennsylvania HAS to take Biology as a class, our students GET to take Biology with two of the highest performing teachers in the commonwealth! How are they so successful?  They collaborate together to make sure that every lesson will benefit from every lesson they do! They spend HOURS reviewing CDT data to target where they can help their students improve and continue to succeed.

But they also work hard to make every class fun and engaging, from doing blood splatters or giving students lab based challenges it is never a dull moment in a Biology class at STEM!


Beyond that both teachers work with students outside of the classroom too! Mr. P. has been one of the Advisors to the Sophomore class for several years and Mrs. Schray just recently helped to kickstart STEM for Sustainability a club with an ecological mindset!


Some sample inspirational posters seen in Biology classes here at STEM:

IMG_4325 IMG_4326

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