Tech Tips #2

There are so many different apps/programs/devices out there.  Here are a few ways to use technology to express your ideas other than Powerpoints and Prezis.

Camera App Icon

Time-Lapse Video Recording and RSAnimate – In the new IOS 8 update, the camera function has a Time-Lapse function.  Its easy to use and requires no editing.  Simply choose the function and start filming.  How can you use this?  Check out the RSAnimate example below of Dr. Ken Robinson.

…and her’s a simple example of something I did (its Mr. Sheehan by the way) in my office.

Some tips for making one of your own that I found on my own…

1.  Lots of light!  Make sure the room is nice and bright but don’t let the lights shine directly on your surface to avoid glare.

2.  Keep your device steady.  If you try and handhold your device, you’ll see the tiniest movement in your recording.

3.  Plan ahead.  Figure out what you’re doing ahead of time.  The RSAnimate video you see above took HOURS to plan out.

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