Glowing Bacteria

Dr. Schwartz’ Health and Medicine Pathways students genetically altered E. coli cells so that they would glow green or blue when placed under UV light. The gene for the protein that made allowed the E. Coli to glow, came from Jellyfish. The process, called bacterial transformation, is a standard practice used in the field of Biotechnology. It allows researchers to easily manipulate DNA for basic research into understanding diseases, for use in the production of medicines (insulin), the development of gene therapy, and the creation of genetically modified organisms and plants. Students researched and created their own protocols and performed that transformations on Monday. They had to wait until the next day to sees the results since they needed to wait for the E. Coli to grown on the bacterial plates. Students will then determine the efficiency of their transformation and determine whose protocol was best.IMG_0875.JPG

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