French: In 15 Minutes a day!

STEM Academy French teacher Madame Bosch has her students working on French every day, her request? 15 minutes of French outside of school. Students have a variety of ways they can achieve this, but one of the most popular ones involves one of the most popular apps in Language Acquisition; Duolingo.

Duolingo is a free web based language program that challenges students in a variety of ways, helping them build vocabulary and learn aspects of the languages culture. Try out Duolingo for yourself in any one of the languages offered here at STEM!

Students reviewing for French in the STuCo using Duolingo!


One thought on “French: In 15 Minutes a day!

  1. I love Duolingo! I have been brushing up on my Spanish this year, and next I’m going to try French or German. Great idea, Madame Bosch!


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