IB Film Competition Opportunity

If you are interested in making a submission please let Mr. Sheehan and Mr. Ruff know ASAP.

The IB Peterson Academic Symposium 2015 will be an event aimed at provoking questions and stimulating new thinking. The 2015 Peterson Academic Symposium is entitled:

Making time for creativity: why does it matter?

We will explore the role of creativity in schools, further education, industry and beyond. We are inviting leaders in the field to join us. The first day is focused on a series of fast-paced, stimulating ten minute talks, short film submissions from schools on creativity, and a no-holds-barred debate. The second day is focused on thinking within the IB and the impact on the development of IB programmes. To continue the discussion after the symposium, the IB will share the filmed presentations at regional conferences and with participating schools.

We have two exciting opportunities for schools to participate.

  1. Schools are invited to submit a short film which, if selected, will be presented at the symposium and at future conferences.

Your edited film:

  • should be no longer than 2 minutes
  • should show creative practice, activities, ideas, teaching or learning
  • may represent creativity in any subject area or IB programme
  • may be created by teachers, students, parents, administrators
  • should not contain copyrighted materials (images/music/text)
  • must be accompanied by individuals’ consent to publish

To submit your film, or discuss queries please email PetersonAcademicSymposium@ibo.org with the subject title of School of Creativity Film

  1. We also have the opportunity to offer one speaker position at the 2015 Peterson Academic Symposium 2015 to a school member. This may be any member of the school community. The speaker selected will be invited to The Hague to present a ten minute talk at the Peterson Academic Symposium 2015.

All travel, accommodation and ground costs will be paid for by the IB. The dates involved are the 23rd and 24th of April 2015.

To apply via email, submit a short (2-3 minutes), filmed synopsis of your talk to PetersonAcademicSymposium@ibo.org with the subject title of Creativity Talks.

The deadline to submit either of these entries will be the 31 December 2014.

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